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More revenue

We will bring you more revenue and monthly subscriptions provide positive cash flow. We help you by bringing customers from consumer and business segments. Money Comes directly to your bank account - no middle men!

Monthly washes

More loyal customers and constant revenue around the year

With monthly washes you can tap in a new customer segment that has not existed before! Loyal customers bring revenue all year round if the price is right.

How to take in use

  • Contract
  • Payment agreement with NETS
  • Training
  • We create wash menu, prices and descriptions together
  • We install hardware
  • Possible leasing signed
  • Marketing execution!
  • Money

Easy to use

Buy and wash 24/7

When you have bought a wash just drive into wash without coupons or codes; camera recognizes license plate and wash starts automatically. You can even create wash contracts for night or evenings so you get your washing machine capacity to full utilization.


We have proved marketing concept and can bring you customers by performing marketing in social media with good and measurable conversion.

Grow your business!

Acquire more customers

Offer your customers a free wash and get them to try out your service. We also support offering campaigns like -50% for the first 2 months or -100% for the first month or even -20% for the first 6 months. EasyWash offers a lot of options to configure the pricing to suit your needs and accelerate growth. You can test what works best for your business.

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How EasyWash works

User registers to EasyWash app, adds a car, chooses washing station and buys a wash even from his home
Information about bought wash or monthly subscription is saved in cloud wash queue
User drives into wash, camera recognizes license plate and starts wash automatically, without any actions required in mobile app and from user

Customers buy car wash with our intuitive mobile app

Customers can download the app on Android or iOS and buy a car wash from your wash station with our easy to use mobile app

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Contact Info

Company: Euro Car Wash Oy
VAT ID: FI08942844
Business ID: 0894284-4
Address: Kynttilätie 17, 11710 Riihimäki, Finland